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  1. Do all Mulberry items come with a dustbag? I got a beeeeeautiful Kensington from a Mulberry shop at a designer outlet store (yayayayay!) but when I got home found it did not have the dustbag inside as I had assumed it would be. Shall I ring and ask for one or does this sometimes happen? I'm not sure what to think. Thanks.
  2. I have bought bags from an outlet which have come without dustbags give them a ring they may be able to send you one

    Congrats on your new bag

    Pics please!!!!
  3. Congrats on your bag. I bought a couple from the outlet shop in York, they didn't give me dustbags and when I asked about them, said they didn't provide them. However when I phoned the same shop and ordered an Effie a few weeks ago, it came complete with dustbag. So maybe sometimes they have them and sometimes they don't.
  4. give Mulberry.com an email, they may be able to send you one.
    I personally store all mine in their dustbags..
  5. ^ Yeah - I would contact either the store or Mulberry.com - your bag should have a Dust bag.

    All of my bags are stored in Dust Bags to keep them nice.
  6. Yeah I want to keep it nice. Even though I'll be using it every day I may wish to store it in the future. I haven't had a response from Mulberry.com but I'm going to try calling the store tomorrow. The boy who served me looked completely clueless when I was trying to ask him about different styles and caring for the bags, so I'm wondering if he just forgot to put one in for me, or if he was meant to put the bag in one before wrapping (I'm not sure how they usually do it as it's my first Mulberry purchase!). Pics will follow for those that asked!

  7. I received my Blenheim today :yahoo::yahoo: from York, and it came minus a dustbag. Now I was a bit puzzled about this, because when I ordered my araline from them it did come with a dustbag. I really wanted one to store it in so I gave the York outlet a call. They said that because they are an outlet, they receive a 'batch' of dustbags (not specific to each bag) and when they are gone, they're gone - so not every bag ordered will automatically come with a dustbag. They did very kindly take my name and address though and said that as soon as they receive a new batch of dustbags they would send me one.

    Thats customer service for you :tup:
  8. They are excellent, Mulberry.com replied and said they will send me one if I give them my address, ace!
  9. My Rosemary from Bicester didnt come with a dustbag. I emailed Mulberry yesterday and they responded this morning and are going to send me one!