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  1. i don't remember where i read this, it might not have even been in the mj forum, but somebody was looking for a mbymj dustbag and i just wanted to share that i was able to get one from a sa at bloomingdale's with no problem. i actually bought a mbmj bag from them a little while back and it didn'thave one inside so i brought the bag back and the sa found on for me right away. she didn't even ask to see the receipt. i just hope she didn't take it out of another bag b/c that's probably what happened to my original one!
  2. I also have a MJMJ dustbag that I am willing to part with for free. PM me if you need it (unless u are a lurker and just want this for your counterfeit bags to be sold on ebay :tdown::lol:).
  3. ^^ lol coach, that was funny.
  4. almost anytime I've asked a SA at Nordstroms for a sleeper, they've been able to give me one - if they didn't have one from the designer I needed, they just gave me another. one time my Mj sleeper ripped when I washed it, so I got a new one the next time I was there.

    I bought a Chloe from Nordstroms Rack a few weeks ago & it didn't have a sleeper so I stopped at Nordie's on my way home, but they don't carry Chloe at that store (Mich Ave) so she gave me a Burberry one instead -- the next time I was at OakBrook Nordie's, I asked the SA for one and she gave it to me.

    I think most of the dept stores will give you a sleeper, esp if they know you and/or you have a relationship w/one of the SAs