1. Do all the dust bags have Made In Italy on them?
    Thanks in advance.:yes:
  2. the tag on mine just says 100% cotton and than has refference numbers. can i ask why you want to know?
  3. mine all say made in italy.

    another dustbag question....i need one for one of my pochettes....where would i be able to get one?? i cant find one on eBay.
  4. just go into your store and say you didnt get one when you bought it. theyll give you one straight away.
  5. Just Louis Vuitton. The dust bags are not for sale at the boutiques but I've seen some selling at eBay. Mine are made of cotton. I've also seen some made of another material. This topic has been discussed a couple of times. Just try searching from previous threads... :smile:
  6. Mine says '100% cotton Made in India'. My purchase was at Rodeo Dr.
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