1. I purchased a MC Pouchette from a previous owner and it came without the dustbag. I know I could buy one from eBay but do you think it is possible to get one from the store? Perhaps when I go in to purchase something else would they give me an additional dustbag? Thanks!
  2. I doubt it unless you are REALLY good pals with your SA.
  3. ^ITA... If you are good terms with your SA
  4. ITA...they are really tight about dustbags! eBay would be your best option :smile:
  5. If you do make a purchase, definitely ask and you might get lucky;)
  6. I never knew they were uptight with the dustbags, I was going to ask for some. Good to know.
  7. up tight about dustbags???? they are not THAT valuable....
  8. not because dustbags are not valuable, its because some people might use the real dustbags to sell fakes
  9. I've been a regular customer at LV for a few years now, and a while back I needed a new dustbag for my Vernis Houston, I lost it when I moved to London and I figured I could ask at LV at Bond Street when making another purchase. I had made several (some big) purchases there, so I figured they might be able to help me with that. When I went in to buy my Suhali Le Talenteux I asked if I could buy a dustbag that would fit my Houston. The SA was very snotty and told me that they only get one dustbag for each bag, and they had no extra dustbags availiable. She "kindly" suggested using a soft cotton pillowcase in a light color as it would "serve the same purpose, it just don't have Louis Vuitton printed on". So, I wouldn't get my hopes up.:sad: