Dustbag/Receipt Question

  1. Hi! I'm somewhat new to Dior, and don't know if I should post this in the authenticate this dior section, but thought it was more common-dior-lover knowledge I was looking for than a total decision on authenticity as I haven't taken pics yet.

    In 2003 what were the dustbags like? Did Dior ever make one that was white, soft and ever so slightly mesh-like?

    Also, how specific are their receipts and does Saks fill out the authenticity card or only Dior boutiques?

    I purchased a used black monogramed canvas street bag from a private seller and it came in a white slightly mesh-like dustbag and the receipt from Saks said "Dior Day Bag". The name on the receipt was the name of the seller...but the other stuff sounds off and the authenticity card was not filled in. I will post pics on the authenticate this website if these facts don't sound consistent, but would love it if anyone could tell me about the dustbag and receipt. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. My bag came in a white bag, it wasn't mesh but it's not like LV or Chanel. The bag is a little thinner, so that's what I'm assuming you mean. As far as the receipts I got all mine at the actual boutiques. So hopefully someone can help you with that
  3. Hi,

    Could you tell us a little more about the authenticity card?

    What is written on the front side? ' Christian Dior" in the middle of the card or " Christian Dior " and a number in gold lettering?

    Thank you very much
  4. Thanks so much for the help. I went ahead and posted it in the authenticate this dior thread with the link to the listing it was originally in. I don't have the bag with me, but I will look at the card when I return home and check back with you. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help!
  5. Hi echo_23,

    The Dior dustbag is a mesh like fabric, thin and a little bit "see-though."

    I wouldn't worry so much about the authenticity cards not filled at the back. I bought mine in the Dior boutique in London, one was filled up by hand, another was stamped and another no marks at all! Heh, seems they really do not have a strict procedure on this.

    Also, I bought a saddle bag in a sale and it didn't come even with a card. I bought it up with them, they didn't really answer my question directly, although I think because the bag was an old stock, and was bought in a sale, they didn't give me the card because they wouldn't be able to give me a warranty if the bag is damaged, obviously being a sale item and an old stock they wouldn't be able to replace it.

    Hope my ramblings make sense. Good luck. :smile:
  6. Hi pat,

    I think one of our forum posters mentioned that the card with the gold lettering came with the older bags. Not sure about the date, I'll see if I can locate the thread.
  7. i belive if the bag is from the year 2000 or older it is ok the it has gold lettering if the bag is newer than that it should have black lettering

    my dior bag that i got at Neiman Marcus they didnt stamp the back because it was on sale they also dont stamo the back of the card at the outlet as well
  8. Thanks so much! You girls helped alot! I will check the card tomorrow when I get home from vacation. It should not be gold, right?
  9. Hi Echo_23!

    If it's made in 2003 it shouldn't have gold lettering.
  10. hi echo_23,

    i took a picture of the dust bag i have. and to show how translucent/mesh-like the dust bag is, i placed my cellphone underneath it in one of the pictures so you can see the sheerness of the bag. i hope it helps!
    KIF_8357.JPG KIF_8359.JPG
  11. I bought a purse at Dior about two years ago and it did come in a thin, white meshlike dustbag.