Dustbag Question

  1. Hey Fellow Experts

    I just got my AC Jet Setter and AC bags do not come with dustbags (who the hell knows why not!) IT amkes me so mad cuz I want to keep the beautiful leather nice and clean and safe. All my other bags rest safely in their bags...so my question is, where do I get dustbags? :confused1:

    Can I get them on eBay? Whats the deal ladies? Or if you don't order dustbags, how to you keep your bags safe?

  2. Try calling the AC customer service line to see if they'll send you one. (Kate Spade will do this no questions asked)

    If they won't/can't then I would try on eBay. I've gotten a few dust bags there and they're just a few dollars each.

    If all else fails you can put it in a flannel pillow case with a small hole cut in the top to thread a ribbon through to cinch it shut.
  3. uwhuskygirl what a nice idea.. pillow case become a dust bag?.. why not..
  4. Luba J bags also do not come with dustbags, so I have the same problem. The cost of the manufacturer making a dustbag is so minimal, you wonder why some don't...

    I like the pillowcase idea though...
  5. I'm going to pay it forward and offer up an extra large Marc Jacobs dust bag that I have that I don't need anymore. PM me if you'd like it and I'll send it to you (free)
  6. I also use pillowcases, or I custom make my own dustbags from pretty fabrics. I actually prefer doing that... I sometimes make satin lined ones with some funky outside print. One time I even found really discounted silk and used that!
  7. I have a juicy that didn't come with a dustcover and I use a pillow case too!
  8. How cool is that? Custom dustbags, I love it!
  9. that is an awesome idea!!! Thank you so much! I never even thought to do that!
  10. i wish I could sew and then I would do that too...cute idea!!
  11. I could be wrong but I don't think that AC even has dustbags, kinda sad considering the retail prices!
  12. I didn't think so either....I have 2 AC's and neither came with them
  13. You don't even really need to be able to sew!! If you just sew the fabric together inside out, when you flip it around then it looks perfect =)
  14. hmmmm...and how much fabric do you use? Like do I buy a yard...I am terrible with all that so I don't know how much I would need!

  15. hey princessa! I bought an AC bag from Nordstrom and it didn't come with a dustbag either so the SA gave me a Cole Haan one. I subsequently returned the bag to Nordstrom but kept the dustbag. I bought another AC bag on e*ay but didn't like it so when I resold it on e*ay I sent it to the buyer in the Cole Haan dustbag I'd held onto.

    OK long story short, if you have an SA that you buy a lot from you could try asking them if they have any extra.