Dustbag Question?

  1. Hi I have a kinda silly question....hopefully you ladies can help me out. The birkin that I purchased from H recently came with a off white/netural looking color dustbag. However, I've seen birkins for sale on eBay with orange dustbags. I always thought those were fake, however, recently I've seen other pics taken by TPF ladies where their dustbags are also orange (these are obviously real) So does H dustbags come in 2 different colors then?? Or does different bag models get differnt dustbag colors?
  2. In my knowledge yes they do come in different colours, perhaps by year?
  3. In 2007 (letter K) the dustbags changed from orange to white/neutral so you will see both.
  4. I have both orange and white dustbags from H.
  5. So far all my bags have orange dustcovers, but I have seen the new dustcovers that are kind of grayish. I hate those.
  6. And before the orange and linen colored ones, there were some light brown ones that felt more like velvet.
  7. The SAs are pretty cool about the dustbags. The bag I got was stamped K and came with the new neutral-colored dustbag. I asked if I could have the orange, and she changed it for me.
  8. The orange ones are being phased out. New bags from Paris should have the new herringbone cotton toile ones. They are said to be difficult to imitate.

    At one stage, dustbags were changed, but all the felt protectors were still orange. There will come a time when everything will be in the natural toile colour.
  9. I've received both the orange and herringbone dustbags on bags this year. I prefer the herringbone, but, am grateful for either as they make such great storage for our wonderful Hermes.
  10. I also have both although I admit that I like the orange ones the best....I do agree with isus that it's just nice to have the cloth storage for the bag..
  11. I like the brown velvet ones the best. The material was the best of the 4 different dust bags they've used.
  12. My SAs say that the company is changing to the toile. I have some shoebags in this fabric and it's lovely. I also love the old brown velveteen - it's just so nice to touch!
  13. I can see the legitimate resellers making a mint selling the orange dustbags when they are finally phased out. That's sad to hear...the orange is H signature.
  14. I have both. My birkin from this year has the new bag. It's nice.
  15. I was surprised when I saw the new herringbone dustbag for the first time... I thought "What in the world is Hermes thinking... isn't orange their trademark color???" But in time I've appreciated the change... as much as I love the orange dustbag, sometimes the lint gets stuck on the gaps :shocked:... like in my white birkin, there's little orange lints at the bottoms of my handles where they're attached to the bag.