DUSTBAG question - getting replacement dust bag.

  1. Hi! I need your help because I can't find these white dustbags anywhere.. I need some white dustbags for my Chanel handbags and it seems I can't find them anywhere! I searched eBay but I only found black which is, in that case, not suitable for my handbags because they're from the early 90's... Please help... :confused1:
  2. I don't think Chanel makes white dust bags. Usually if I purchased a Chanel bag in white/beige or ligher color, my SA added a white dust bag from another designer like Prada.
  3. ^The older bags came w/ white.
  4. I have never seen a Chanel white bag yet. I'm only into Chanel for only about 5 years and my SA told me they don't make white bags.

    I'm curious. Do you know how long ago Chanel has white bag. Thanks
  5. I would contact a free-standing Chanel boutique. The one in Tysons Corner, VA has many long-standing Chanel collectors. No way they would accept a black dust bag if they need a white one. And I KNOW Chanel wants to keep their customers happy.

    An old friend of my MIL took a bag from the 50's in; they helped her w/numerous issues and she was able to get a white bag for it. So, a boutique might be the way to go. HTH
  6. My first Chanel was purchased in the early 90s. I have a white dust bag from 1996-97. My guess it the company may have changed to black in 2000. Would make the most sense.
  7. Also some of the sport line bags still come in white. You may want to check the Chanel outlet!
  8. I also have a white dustbag for my older chanel. It is from 2001. I think they changed over in 2002.

    BTW - I would check eBay, sometimes you can find dustbags for sale. Maybe some white ones will be up for bids.
  9. I checked the eBay, but there's nothing but black dustbags only. My handbags are from the 90s so they have white dustbags. Can I go to the Chanel Boutique to ask if I can get white dustbags for these?
  10. I finally tracked down a pink pst and received it today from the fedex guy. Everything was great until i realized there was no dustbag. By the time i realized there was no dustbag, the nm was already closed. I contacted them through their online chat on their website, and the lady said i would have to contact the store to see if they have it or had an extra one. where is she supposed to sleep? do you think they would send me a dustbag without having to drive all the way over there to get it? the closest nm to me is almost 2 hours away.
  11. that is so odd. I really hope they send it to you and your pst doesn't remain homeless.
  12. they should send it to you by post. just make a little fuss but stay polite. there shouldnt be a problem ;)
  13. I think its only fair that u request for it to be sent to u :yes: its their fault for not including one in the first place. Why should they inconvenience u? :yes:
  14. I don't think there'll be an issue. Just let your SA know that handled it, she'll get you what you need I'm sure.
  15. My Chanel boutique was absolutely no help at all, and was very rude at that. Any ideas anybody? Thanks!