dustbag or pillow case?

  1. Which do you prefer?

    Most of my bags/accessories are in old tees or pillow cases either because 1) the original dust bag was too thick and I don't like it or 2) it didn't come with one (second-hand). Even if I did want dustbags, the price of dustbags on eBay are too pricey for me to justify paying for; I might as well get one that says Dooney or Coach. And I can't buy them from the boutique, of course...

    Am I the only one/very few who doesn't have enough dustbags?
  2. me personally i'm too lazy to keep my purses in dustbags so i just throw them away hehehe
  3. i have my speedy in a cute cherry printed pillowcase. my bh is in the dustbag.
  4. All of my bags are in dust bags...too lazy to search for other things to keep them in :P
  5. LOL I keep things in pillow cases! Some of my dustbags just barely fit the handbag all folded up. I don't get that because once the wrinkles are out, who wants to put them back? (Speedy's seem to be this way a lot)
  6. I keep them in my dust bags and boxes.. I don't have enough pillow cases to spare for my handbags. LOL :biggrin:
  7. I keep my handbags and accessories in their dustbags. I would use a pillowcase if I didn't have enough dustbags, though. :yes:
  8. Yay, glad I'm not the only one.
  9. I keep my speedy in my prada messengerbag dustbag. someone stole my messenger bag while i was in high school so all i have from it is the dust bag and the auth cards =[
  10. I keep them in their dustbag for the most part.
  11. Dustbags !

    My speedy has to live in a pillowcase since I don't like storing it folded and the duster that came with that was too small.
  12. I don´t have a dustbag on my Luco so I keep it in a pillow case, but other bags are in dustbags.
  13. All of my LVs are in their original dust bags except for my keepall (purchased on eBay). I have the keepall stored in a pillow case.
  14. I'm obsessive about my items "matching" with what I keep them in assuming i still ahve the box/dustbag. So dustbag it goes. I'm sure pillow cases work just as well but it just doesnt feel as "nice" for me.
  15. I keep all my bags in their original dustbags and the receipts and tags in a notebook (maybe a little over the top, but I am so proud to own them all!)

    Never thought of using a pillow case as a dustbag, but it's a good idea if you need to. I do use plain, white pillow cases though to stuff my bags before storing them.
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