Dustbag Measurements


Jun 16, 2006
Can we make this thread a reference for dustbag measurements?

Mine are all mixed up and I don't know which is which anymore!!! I need to send someone the correct dustbag for the Courier and I don't know which one to send... lol.

Hmmm I have the same problem with mine. When I have purchased BBags in stores they normally have to "borrow" from other BBags, as they don't always have them inside, so I think that most dustbags fit most sizes?? I guess a courier one would be pretty big compared to other sized dust bags, I can't remember the size of my courier dust bag, but it was quite roomy...
I have two candidates - one is very wide and shallow, and the other is narrower in width and deeper in length. I am on the road traveling right now, but when I get to my destination I will post the measurements of the two bags and I hope someone can tell me which one is the correct one for the Courier!