Dustbag for Wallet


Mar 19, 2006
Just received the Perfo Wallet from eLuxury. Should it come with a Care Booklet and Dustbag as well? I saw a similar item being sold on eBay and it has both.
It should come with a dustbag, and 2 tags (LV tag and the price tag, the one they scan) I don't know if the perfo wallets come with carebook. When I bought my regular mono French wallet they even gave me box. It didn't come with a care book.
I think they're inconsistent. For some small accessories and wallets, I've received dustbags and box, some just wrapped around tissue w/the LV sticker put in a box. Some just a box, some just in a brown paper LV envelope. I just purchased an Epi French wallet over the past weekend and it came in a box, wrapped in tissue w/LV sticker, but no dustbag. Yet, when I got a Damier french wallet few years back, it came in its dustbag. I bought the Epi wallet at Macy's LV and paid for tax and realized that I should have bought it via Elux to avoid the hefty $50 of tax. So I'm returning it tomorrow and ordering via Elux. Hopefully, it'll come w/a dustbag (and box is always included when ordering from Elux)
Not all wallets come with a dustbag. It really depends on the SA, although they usually give you one if you ask for one. It should've came with a care book though.
Vernis and multicolore wallets/small leather accessories always come with dustbags.
Monogram, damier, and mini monogram wallets/accessories don't.

Perforated, I don't know.
Just heard back from eLux. They neither provide Care booklets nor Dustbags for perfo wallets. Yet I see the same products being advertised on eBay with Dustbag and all. Are they fake?
I've gotten dustbags for my Damier but no dustbag for my MC white cles. Also, my mini mono also came w/dustbag. Like I said, I notice that it's very inconsistent.
Not that I really care since I am keeping it, but I paid $540 and got nothing but a box, but with a knock-off I can get the whole nine yards , dustbag, booklet, box, ribbon etc, isn't that funny! I only shop at Elux when I know the particular line is made in France. I recently bought my Batignolles H at Macy's LV store because I could make the SA search high and low for one made in France. They found one in the whole store and I didn't mind paying tax for it.