Dustbag for Wallet


Handbag Connoisseur
Dec 5, 2005
It should come with a dustbag, and 2 tags (LV tag and the price tag, the one they scan) I don't know if the perfo wallets come with carebook. When I bought my regular mono French wallet they even gave me box. It didn't come with a care book.


Jan 22, 2006
I think they're inconsistent. For some small accessories and wallets, I've received dustbags and box, some just wrapped around tissue w/the LV sticker put in a box. Some just a box, some just in a brown paper LV envelope. I just purchased an Epi French wallet over the past weekend and it came in a box, wrapped in tissue w/LV sticker, but no dustbag. Yet, when I got a Damier french wallet few years back, it came in its dustbag. I bought the Epi wallet at Macy's LV and paid for tax and realized that I should have bought it via Elux to avoid the hefty $50 of tax. So I'm returning it tomorrow and ordering via Elux. Hopefully, it'll come w/a dustbag (and box is always included when ordering from Elux)


Mar 19, 2006
Not that I really care since I am keeping it, but I paid $540 and got nothing but a box, but with a knock-off I can get the whole nine yards , dustbag, booklet, box, ribbon etc, isn't that funny! I only shop at Elux when I know the particular line is made in France. I recently bought my Batignolles H at Macy's LV store because I could make the SA search high and low for one made in France. They found one in the whole store and I didn't mind paying tax for it.