Dustbag for Speedy

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  1. The dustbag that came with my Speedy 25 is way too small. I want to store it without folding it up. If I go back to the LV boutique, will they allow me to exchange my smaller dustbag for a larger sized one? Has anyone tried this before?
  2. Yes, just don't forget to bring your receipt. Maybe you should call ahead and speak to your SA. I don't think it's a problem, the bag should be able to fit the dustbag.
  3. I don't know?
  4. i find that extremely annoying to....when i had my cerises speedy (before i sold it) i would stick in whatever fit and cover the exposed like 3 inches of bag with something soft.....you'd think they'd make a dustbag that fit one of their most popular bags, instead of squashing it into the dustbag

    if u have a SA who knows you you should definitely ask....i'm sure she or he would be more than happy to accomodate you
  5. I dont see why not, for some reason my bedford came with a choice of two, didnt seem like they were really picky about it.
  6. The speedy is meant to be stored in the dust bag in it's folded position (at least the canvas models). I don't think that Vuitton will let you exchange it either. I called Vuitton once to ask if I can get a new dust bag for my Keepall (because I had lost mine), the rep said no, simply because they don't produce extra dust bags; just one per bag, and that's all. This was my experience, at least.
  7. They MAY allow you to. I think it depends on who you deal with. I would go back and talk to the SA that sold you the bag. Some will tell you that the dust bags come in with each handbag and there are no extras. But I've walked in and just asked for dust bags to go with my wallets that I didn't even have with me and they've been given to me.

    When my husband's dustbag for his Abbesses began to rip at the seams shortly after purchase, we talked to our SA and he went straight to the back and gave us another one without even asking for the original one back! But he's great! He also gave me some of the refills for my agenda last year for free! We asked him for one of the newest LV catalogues a few months back. He went straight to the back and came out with TWO! He even put them in a LV shopping bag! Like I said, he's great! Many of their SA's treat you like you are asking for a kidney when all you want is good customer service! They can be rediculous.

    I would definately go back and ask for a larger dust bag. In fact, I would insist on it.
  8. My Speedy fits right in the dustbag and didn't need to be folded. You're right RobbieNEmmy you can't ask for another dustbag, but I know you can exchange it. :biggrin:
  9. I believe if you dropped some serious money for their product, they should accomdate you in anyway they can.

    But JUST IN CASE that they're less willing than they're supposed to, bring the receipt as a back up and go to the store that is less touristy... if you have a choice. I personally hate the UNION SQUARE SF LV. :wacko:
  10. i dont see a problem with exchanging it. talk to the SA you purchased your bag from im sure they can help
  11. My classic mono speedy fits in its dustcover even if unfolded (i don't like to keep it folded like they do because it ruins the bag's shape in my opinion).The big problem is with the Cerise speedy...the Cerise dustbag is sooo small,so i ended up storing it into a Gucci cover. I really think they should give appropriate dustcovers for a such expensive bag!! Hope they change yours..:cry:
  12. Its annoying. I was able to purchase a large dustcover off ebay and use it for my speedy its one from an alma.

    I guess when they made the dustcovers they didnt think that perhaps once the bag was bought people would like to store their bag without refolding it.:shame:

    If they dont exchange it ( i cant see them doing it) but just use a pillow case works great.

  13. This is one of my pet peeves also. I hate to keep my speedy folded up- b/c of the creases, so I just use an old Coach dustbag that fits perfectly!
  14. My Speedy 40 and 35 fits in the dustbag fine without folding. I was thinking maybe LV had boxes that big but they don't and I tried sticking it into the dustbag without folding it and it accomodates it! My dustbag is the drawstring kind. I will take pictures later on. I remember ayla wishing that the dustbag is big enough to not have it folded and it actually is!
  15. If all else fails, you can put your bag in a soft old pillowcase.