Dustbag drawstring

  1. On a couple of my dustbags, one of the drawstrings has come out. Does anyone know an easy way to get it back in there (through the little hole and around)?
  2. Sure, thread it into a large long needle with a big enough eye (or tape it on, using tape which won't damage the drawstring when you peel it off) and you should be able to thread it through easily. I used a knitting needle and a bit of easy peel tape when this happened on my Day dustbag.
  3. I did the exact same thing on sunday - damn strings! I used an orange stick!
  4. That has happened to me also; I have yet to fix it.
  5. This haven't happened to me yet but if any of my drawstrings come out I will secure a big safety pin at one end and use that to push it in. You KWIM?
  6. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it.:flowers:
  7. I think I have pulled mine out of every Bal bag by accident...lol