Dustbag distress

  1. I need to get a dustbag for my Batignolles Horizontal. It came with the 18" x 14" dustbag, but it's a very tight fit, and it makes the corners of the bag squash together :sad:.

    I've looked on eBay for it, and the prices seem a little steep, usually at least $20 :mad:. There's a 24" x 20" drawstring dustbag that's going for $45 :wtf:. I recently sold my LV boxes for half that price each:hysteric:! Either these dustbags are painfully overpriced or I stupidly sold my boxes for too little :rant:. Anyway I wouldn't mind a dustbag that size to fit my Batignolles Horizontal comfortably.

    I'm going to Toronto in 2 weeks, and I was wondering if it's possible to get a dustbag from the store :shame:. Or am I doomed to buy a dustbag on eBay for twice the price of a big box :mad:?
  2. You should contact this second-hand shop, I went there recently and they were selling dustbags for a couple of dollars each (small ones were $1!). Maybe they'll have a large one for you:

    A Second Chance Designer Resale, Inc.
  3. thanks :nuts:!

    i live in Buffalo, though :wondering:. and i don't know if i'll be going to Manhattan for the PF meeting :cry:.
  4. They can mail you the dustbag I'm sure - I believe they also sell bags on ebay. PF meeting?
  5. No probs, I just did a search - that weekend is my brother's wedding weekend. AUGH!
  6. When you are in Toronto, go in the Holt Renfrew on Bloor (it is almost right across the street from the LV boutique) and ask for your dust bag at the LV section in Holt's. I find they are friendlier there than at the boutique much of the time :flowers:
  7. yes it's real :yes:. go for it!

    will they just give it to me? do i have to show them my bag?
  8. I'm sure you can get a dustbag from an LV boutique. I recently got a dustbag from a boutique because another one that I bought the bag from forgot to give me one.

  9. Can you not switch dust bags with some other LV bag? I find that some of the bags come in HUGE dustbags so I switch mine around.:smile:
  10. i tried, but none of them really fit. the biggest dustbag i have is for my Suhali L'Epanoui GM, and because that bag's slightly smaller than my Batignolles Horizontal, the dustbag doesn't fit well either :cry:
  11. im sure they will give u one if u go to the store...or they might sell u one..
  12. Normally, the store doesn't like to just give away dustbags since they know that the fake sellers/producers either use them as models for the fakes, or include them with the fakes in general.
    I'd try going to the store you normally go to or talk to an SA you're familiar with and explain your situation. It might even help to take in the dustbag that CAME with your bag and show them that you don't like the fit. If they know you're genuine about it, they'll probably give you one.
    If not, maybe Laurence from this board (Dickies80) can help you get a larger one.