Dust covers

  1. What do you use your small accessory dust covers for ?

    As in if you dont have several, you have one wallet, agenda, and use that item all the time.

    what do you use the cover for?
  2. You know I was wondering about that. My zippy didn't come with a dust cover and I was thinking it should have. Is it supposed to or do they not give dust covers for those items? I think it's odd because my panda cles even came with a dust bag.
  3. My wallet didn't come with one :sad: But...I use it every day and don't need one.
    I would probably just put it aside in case one day I got something off ebay that didn't come with one, etc.
  4. I got one with my agenda, and pti,
    Currently just have them tucked away in my big lv box.
  5. Everything I have ever bought has came with a dust bag. They make them in all shapes and sizes.
  6. I just keep the dustbags in my closet/drawers where the rest of my unused wallets & accessories are. I don't really see why one would actually use them for something other than storage. I know some people use them to protect the Vernis cles/wallet they're using from getting color transfers...that's about it though.
  7. Hmmm... I got a dustcover for my white MC iPod Case... but didn't get any for my Pte Cartes Simple, Pte Billets Cartes Bleue, or Pocket Agenda?
  8. Items that need to be protected - so small vernis accessories and MC ones, and even the panda are a little more delicate so they come with dust covers. Monogrammed small accessories don't come with them normally. Too bad ! :sad:
  9. I think for the price we pay they all should
  10. I didn't get one with my wallet, but I did get that cool little drawer box thingie!
  11. I'm so impressed by the boxes ! Are those little tabs leather ? That's what they feel like ! :nuts:
  12. i have a few that i have kept and have on a shelf.
  13. Don't you have Pte Cartes Simple?
    Did that come with a dustbag?
  14. LOL...I love the little drawer box too!
  15. I store everything I'm not using. And I store them just the way they came to me. So if I bought something that came without (like my speedy) I buy them off eBay when I see them.