Dust covers

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  1. Who actually buys these and why would anyone sell them??
  2. As in the real authentic Chanel dustbags? I suppose it's good in case you lost your original dust bag and want another one.

    There are fake dustbags that go along with fake bags. It's pretty obvious to tell the difference just by the font on the dust bags alone. :yes:
  3. They are on ebay - saw one selling for 9.99 - just don't get it. it probably is a fake but what you buy a fake bag and then a fake cover to make yourself feel a bit more authentic??!!!
  4. Also dust bags are great for Chanel shoes, sometimes NM or Saks "forget" or dust bags are "missing" from their shoes (believe me it had happended to me a couple of times)
  5. Most fake bags already come with them. Perhaps people that buy duplicate dust bags lost their original ones (whether replica or authentic).
  6. Yeah I guess that is a good reason but maybe I am anal - my bags and shoes are in their dustbags always ...
  7. ^I agree. I could never sell one of my dustbags. I'd like to have them always, especially if I decided to resell any of my bags at one point. I think it does lower the resale value slightly if you don't have the original dustbag.
  8. My guess is that someone who wants to sell a fake with an obvious fake dustbag (like someone said already once, they never seem to get the dustbag right) will buy it in order to deceive buyers by telling it's authentic. I mean they even offer receipts on ebay!!!
  9. I have purchased dustbags before because I may buy a preowned bag with no dustbag, so I want to get one.
    There are some people out there who don't hang on to receipts, or boxes, or dustbags & I like my things to be kept in the dustbags so I have to go find one somewhere.
  10. dustbags are a must for shoes when packing. I guess that could be a reason.

    throw some shoes in there and pack them in the suitcase.

    but I seen them on ebay as well. another reason could be that those who sell fakes could fool buyers with an authentic dustbag
  11. I have sold a couple of dust bags myself... I did not need them.. some bags are sent without dustbags if a purse is sent through the mail/ups or fedex..