Dust Cover for my LV

  1. Does anyone know if you can just buy a dustcover? The LV I just bought did not come with a dust cover and I'm worried about it getting scratched or stained by accident because I move very frequently (13 times in 3 years and about to move again in 2 weeks).

    Thank you!
  2. Go back and explain that you weren't given one. Or ring them up if it's far - if it was a bag, you should have been given one. Some items normally don't come with dust covers (e.g. small monogram items).

    Otherwise, there's eBay, or you can use a pillow case for now.
  3. what bag did you get??

    like Ayla said you can always buy from Ebay or use pillow case
  4. If it was a bag you should have received one! Definitely call! Otherwise try ebay :smile:
  5. What did you buy? If it was a bag, all bags are supposed to come with dust covers, therefore you should be able to ask them for one for free.

    However, monogram canvas and damier canvas small leather goods don't normally come with dust covers.
  6. It was a mini-looping bag fro Belgium.
  7. Yep, that should have come with a dust bag. As I mentioned earlier, all bags are supposed to come with free dust bags.

    Just go back to the store, tell them that the bag didn't come with a dust bag, and they will give you one. :yes: