Dust Cover for Mui Mui Bags

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  1. I just got my first Mui Mui bag yesterday (from Bergdorf's). It's the Napa Spring Frame bag and it is TDF! Wore her today for the first time and got a compliment within the first half hour.

    But, as I'm new to Mui Mui, I have a question. The dust cover is grey, but without "Mui Mui" written on it. All my other bags (i.e, LV and Marc Jacobs) have the the designer's name printed on their covers. Is this typical of Mui Mui? It's not a problem with me at all, but I am curious.:confused1:
  2. The dustbags that I've got have got Miu Miu on them, but it's a small black label that has been stitched on (near the bottom of the dustbag). Hope this helps!
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    Thanks, I'll check again.
  4. I got my Miu Miu from the Miu Miu boutique on Madison Ave. The dustbag they gave me with my bag is a dreary gray with a teeny little tag with Miu Miu on it sewn on the bottom.
  5. Thanks for your help ladies! I looked again (really hard b/c it's so small) and sure enough the black Miu Miu tag was on the bottom of the dust bag.
  6. Hi Leelee,
    I have been looking at the napa spring shoulder bag in the brown or black bag...is that the one you got? and if it is is it a good size for everyday use? and do u have any idea the dimensions? and anyone else who has any input on this bag let me know...thank you!
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    I love my Miu Miu, and yes, I use it all the time! It's fairly casual and not as dressy as it appears in the pictures on-line at Saks and Bergdorf"s, mostly b/c the leather is super soft and pliant. I might even say it's ever-so slightly distressed. It looks good with jeans which I tend to wear a lot. Hopefully we're talking about the same one b/c the one I bought only came in "Camel" or, officially, I think they call it "camello". I never saw it anywhere in black. I bought it at Bergdorf's and they call it the "Napa Spring Frame Bag". It has does have a detachable shoulder strap, although I've never used it. Anyway, it has gold-ish trim on the bottom of the left and right side, in a crescent shape.

    The width is about 15" and the height is about 10".

    Happy handbag shopping and let us know if you get this bag!
  8. Hi Leelee,

    Would you mind to put some pictures for me? As I am searching for one of the black coffer bag now. Thank you very much.
  9. I have this bag too! It also comes in a coffee colour, which is the one that I have. I agree about it's ultra super softness, it's to die for :biggrin:.
  10. I'll be glad to, but I have to get my husband to show me how to do it. It might take a couple of days.:smile: