Dust Cover/bag on ALL LV items?

  1. Does Louis Vuitton now give a dust cover for all their items? Before, you never got a dust bag with a wallet or small good, only handbags... do they give them on all lines and all items now?
  2. I didn't get a dustcover for my agenda, but I did for my wallet.
  3. I've usually gotten a dustbag with most small items, even costume jewelry (my SA would put them in the brown drawstring bag, then in the dustbag that goes with the Cles). But yeah they mostly do give dustbags, if you don't get one, just ask for one.
  4. I never got one for my regular mono wallet, but I did for my Groom wallets/agendas. If you don't get one always ask! SAs are usually accomodating.
  5. I have got small items without dustbag in the past now I get with most but if not I usually ask for one.
  6. I always get a dustbag, even if I don't ask.
  7. I think it all depends on the item. For some reason I believe that small mono items dont have one,

    I got one with my vernis cles, panda, and mc agenda. With my mc pochette, nothing with my mono pochette but it was bought used.For some reason i think i got one with my mono pti but not 100% sure.
  8. If you don't receive one, then I would definitely ask for one.
  9. They do give dustbags for all items I've purchased so far.
  10. I have been getting a dust bag for every purchase lately. I bought the Rabat Key Holder Sunday, and got a dust bag for that. Last week I bought a Pomme D'Amour Pastilles Key Holder, a Monogram Pastilles Cell Charm, and a Damier Knightsbridge, and each of those came in dust bags too.:yes:
  11. I've rec'd dust bags for ALL of my items.
  12. everything i've ordered from elux has had them.
  13. The only thing I haven't gotten dustbags for are the straps, the one for my denim baggy and the one for my pochette.
  14. I have always gotten a dustbag except for when I purchased a pen.
  15. I've always gotten a dustbag with all my items. :yes: