Dust Bags

  1. does lv ever make dust bags with drawstring closures (like chanel and gucci)? or do all lv dust bags just have a flap that folds over? thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, they have drawstring ones as well.
  3. My multicolor speedy 30 came with a drawstring bag from the Lv store just last month:cutesy: all my other LVs have the flap dust bags.
  4. Large bags; totes, duffles, etc have drawsting.
  5. thanks michelle1025, savvyblonde, and twinkle.tink! i thought the dust bag i received might be fake. i know it's just a dustbag, but i wouldn't feel right putting my one of my lv bags into a fake dustbag. :sad:

  6. Yes..they do...All of my large dust bags are draw string closure...
  7. Yep!
  8. yea. i have the drawstrings and the folded dustbags. i still like the folded ones better.
  9. I like the drawstrings!
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