Dust Bags

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  1. Hi :smile:
    I could have sworn my 1st daydreamer came with a dustbag...well i've bought a new daydreamer & another bag from juicy & they come with no dust bags. is it only the leather bags? i need some dust bags for my bags! i think dust is worse on velour than leather anyways. thanks so much!
  2. Hello, only the leather bags come with the dust bags. One reason may be that the velour and terry pick up tons of lint from flannel, and the branded Juicy bags are flannel.

    Try using some pillowcases to store the bags, or if you sew, you could make your own dust bags & use a silky type fabric & match the colors of your bags.
  3. Great idea Katierose!
  4. thats a really good idea katierose! I can't believe that never occurred to me lol

  5. thank you! i thought i was going crazy...but good idea! thanks :heart:
  6. i don't think much dust would be collecting on bag anyhow, if they are stored in a closet.

    my nordstrom had extra juicy dustbags under the counter for velour ones if people ask. i once bought a baby fluffy and they gave me one.

    try asking the store where you bought it. or like others have said, pillow cases work well.
  7. As much as they cost, they all need to come with a duster bag. LOL
    Even the terry ones because those get dirty the fastest.
  8. i made dust bags ! went to local craft store and bought some baby pink flannel was so easy to do and great for storage! any left over material can be used for *stuffing* the bags great for the leather ones in paticular
  9. Great idea! I was wondering why my day dreamer didnt come with a dust bag! Thanks for the helpful tip! :smile:
  10. Any satiny or silky type material would work well... it doesn't cause friction on the terry and velour and helps to keep it from pilling.
  11. Ha! Yeah..... Juicy never gives dust bags. If you want a brand that gives dust bags, guaranteed, go to LV.
  12. I think all the leather JC bags come with the dust bags. It's just the velour & terry that don't.
  13. ^ correct.