Dust bags

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  1. I just saw a Francine on eBay and it had a white silky looking dust bag...fill in a newbie...is that new?:confused1:
  2. I got my Francine at Dillards for the same white dustbags. I have only seen Dillards giving out white dustbags but not in Coach store yet.
  3. My patent Zoe came with the white dustbag, and I ordered it from JAX. I thought that the patent bags came with the white, but it could be that Coach is switching over to the white for the new fall set? Just a thought.
  4. what color are the regular bags?
  5. They are normally brown.... unless you get one of the more flimsier white ones from the outlet.
  6. My blue patent gallery tote came with a white satin bag - got it at Nordstroms back in the anniversary sale. I got a Hampton carry all from Dillards acouple of weeks ago, and it came with the brown satin dustbag. Maybe the patent get do the white ones? Dunno!
  7. Thanks Eek!
  8. I think I read something on another thread discussing the issue of possible color transfer from the dustbag to the leather...
  9. My satchel I got at Nordstroms back in July had the white dustbag.
  10. My Mahogany patent gallery tote from Nordstrom has a white satin dustbag as well.
  11. I remember reading that too :yes:

    My tattersall heritage tote has the white satin dustbag as well.
  12. my two black and cranberry sabrinas ordered from Coach in San Diego store came with white silky dust bag, too
  13. The outlet dustbags are white...
  14. My floral stripe gold sig tote came with a white silky dust bag. It is not the cotton dust bags with red lettering you get at the outlets. I noticed that all the floral totes at Dillards came with white silky dust bags.
  15. My tattersall coated canvas came with a silky white dust bag and I had ordered it through a Coach store during PCE. This was back during the spring-not the last PCE but the one before that (boutique PCE).