Dust bags?

  1. Do you all store your bags in the dust bags? I never have, and have about a million of them lying around (usually stuffing the bags themselves to hold the shape!) Is it even beneficial to keep your bags in the dust bags?
  2. Yes, I store all of mine in dustbags (or old cotton pillow cases if they didn't come with one). My reasoning is dustbags prevent minor scratches or color transfer that might occur from bumping around with other bags and their hardware on my shelves. And, of course, it prevents dust from gathering on the ones I don't use too often. :smile:
  3. Yes, i use the dustbags!
  4. Well...here's a tropical twist. I use dust bags to keep the dust off, but I must leave the dust bags open a bit, because in the tropics, green mold will grow on leather if it doesn't have sufficient ventilation! So be happy ladies, that you're not cleaning green mold off your favorite bags!
  5. Yes, I use all of my dustbags :smile:
  6. :wtf:

    To the OP... yep...I use mine.... I love them
  7. Dust bags for sure and it must be the bags designer dust bag, not some random dustbag! One of my quirks!
  8. yup all the time, even when i know ill be using the bag the very next day
  9. Yes and I like to keep in same dust bag that came with the bag. That way when I got to get the bag from the top shelf of closet, I know which is which.
  10. would it help to keep those silicone packets that absorb moisture in the bags to prevent mold? i don't live in a tropical place, i'm always paranoid about moisture being in my closet. my weird thing is that i'll keep that absorption packet in the dust bag with the bag itself.

  11. haha! I am totally with you on this one!
  12. i keep mine in its dustbag. hahaha when i take my designer purses out i bring the dustbag with me :p If i have to place it down for any reason(like putting in the cart, when i go to dinner or out with my friends and have to place either on table or bench, chair whatever I put it in its dustbag haha :p Im not kidding either. People look at me like i am crazy because i have a bag for my bag haha :p
  13. I always use them! In fact, I won't even buy a bag any more unless it comes with a dustbag!!
  14. There is nothing wrong with that missy! And yes, I do use my dustbags!
  15. me and my husband went out to lunch with his parents today and the second i walked in i put my coach in its dustbag, and this couple stared at me and gave this like weird dirty look because i was doing this. then they laughed haha oh well i dont care, its white and i dont want it to get dirty haha I was also at ross and i had taken my dustbag out because i was trying on clothes, when i gave her my clothes and then got one more shirt, she looked at my dustbag in my hand and was like ummm, is that ours? i am like no this is just my dustbag i am using it for my purse haha