dust bags...

  1. Are there dust bags for the letter charms and keychains? What about wallets and wristlets? I have dustbags for my big purses, but none for these smaller items, my wallets and my wristlets. Almost my entire collection is from the boutique or JAX, but these items never came with a dustbag... I thought they just don't make them for those items...

    I saw a letter charm on eBay a while ago and it came with a very small dustbag for it. It wasn't an outlet one either, it was brown and red.

    Anyone know anything about this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Here is a pic of the mini brown dustbag I received when I bought my turtle keychain at the boutique!
    I had never seen one before! I love it!

  3. I've never gotten dustbags for my smaller items, although I really wish I had gotten one for my wristlet. I hate not having anything to protect it but tissue paper!
  4. Isn't the turtle great?!?!? I just got him for PCE and he's gorgeous. I have him on my keys right now and can't stop looking at him :p
  5. I got the white/red dustbags at my boutique. They gave me one with my leather conditioner and fabric cleaner but not my charms or wristlet???
  6. See, that would be perfect sized for the letter charms and keychains I have! I wonder if there is any way to get my hands on a few of them.. even a couple or 1 LOL

    I hate having them in huge dustbags clanking around eachother!
  7. I remember a while back, I called customer service about getting a replacement pen for my agenda. They sent me one free of charge. Now, today, I emailed CS about getting smaller dustbags for my charms that I purchased for my bridal party and this is the reply they sent:

    Thank you for your recent e-mail.

    Our cloth storage bags are not available for purchase.
    Storage bags are included with our new handbag collections
    when a purchase is made through Coach retail stores, mail
    order and coach.com. They are not included with factory
    outlet and department store purchases.

    If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to
    contact us.

    So you can't request dustbags anymore either??
  8. All my keyfobs, mini skinny and ponytails scarves have their dustbags, even outlet items. Leather conditioner too. I only have a hard time getting them for outlet bags. They told me that if it's not in the bag, it doesn't have one.
  9. The white dustbags are called "belt bags" however we use them for keyfobs and such.

    The new tiny brown ones you have been seeing are for the jewelry and bracelets.
  10. OHHH, ok, do you know if there is any way to get a couple of the brown ones from the boutique or by calling?

  11. I would call. I know at my store, if a customer asks for a dustcover we give it to them. It may end up being a white belt bag (if that's all they have), but it's better than nothing!
  12. I recently bought two ponytail scarves at my outlet, and I got a small white dustbag with each. They're so cute!

    The strange thing is, I have bought three bags in the past from outlets, and only got a dustbag with one of them!
  13. my bracelet came with a tiny dustbag. It's really cute!
  14. I don't understand why they can't just send you one when you order!!! :shrugs: UHHHH I'm getting really mad at Coach right now! :mad: I'd call and hopefully they'll send you some!! I hope they will, but with their service lately... IDK. I'm hoping you get a sane person on the phone if you do call! :okay:
  15. As a general rule they only come with bracelets and new handbags, this is why she hasn't received one. They are prepackaged with jewelry and handbags and they aren't just laying on the floor.

    The only way is to go to a store and they might have extras.