Dust Bags

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  1. The last four Dooney's I ordered were from QVC :heart: and only one of them came with a dust bag. Does anyone know if QVC will get dust bags for you or if you can order them from Dooney? I really love having my bags in dust bags.
  2. I doubt if Q will help you, actually theres a whole b*tching session going on at the Q community board about how many have gotten Dooney bags that were shown to have heart charm tags or duck tags that when the orderer recieved the bag they were missing. Some returned and reordered and still got one without.
  3. Blame D & B for that, they were shipped that way to QVC. My Aunt works for QC at QVC and its been an issue and D & B dropped the ball on the shipments they received.

    I would call D & B direct and let them know. I wouldnt be surprised if they send out replacements. maybe.
  4. Thanks for the info. I will definitely contact Dooney.
  5. i'd love to know what they say....

    i emailed them and they told me no...
  6. its weird i ordered my bag from QVC and i have seen in ebay listings the blue dust bag things with dooney written on them

    but mine is just a big blue like sac haha its a dust baag, i guess,,,,feels kinda like cheap shopping bag material haha but its there to keep it in

    but it doesnt have anything written on it, its so weird ;)

    i may call and ask them too im really good @ *****ing till i get my way with companys who i shop with

    i deserve all that it should come with dammit i paid for it!!! :smile:
  7. I totally agree, those bags are not cheap and they should be glad to accomodate customers who are willing to patronize them.
  8. HMM... the last THREE I ordered from dooney.com did NOT come with sleepers... can we buy them separately. I have been using pillow cases..
  9. My dust bags from QVC are also blue with nothing on them. Cheap-o, but they do the trick :yes:. I only get a dust bag with the larger bags I get from QVC. And neither of the bags I've gotten from the Dooney website have come with dustbags.

    You can sometimes find them on Ebay for pretty cheap.
  10. dust bags do feel kind of cheap, i have to agree with that. one of my dooneys didn't come with a dust bag and i don't remember how i eventually got one...hmm....
  11. I don't know how comfortable you are with eBay, but I have purchased a few Dooney dustbags from there. The bags really do help when it comes to storage. Good luck!