Dust bags??

  1. Alright, so I've bought a bag, 2 scarves, some keychains and a mini skinny.

    Only ONE of those items came in a dustbag-- the bag itself.

    How can I get dustbags from Coach for the mini skinny and the scarves? Ask the store? I don't want to bounce up in there and be all "GIVE ME DUSTBAGS FOR MY SHIZZ."

    What do I do?!
  2. Hmmm...I'm not an expert on this, definitely not an expert, but from what I've read, the other things don't have dustbags. I really don't know how you would get one, though. Sorry!
  3. no - when you buy from the boutique, I've never seen one get dustbags for the small accessories.

    however, if you shop at the outlet, you'll get a dust bag for everything (sunglasses, key fobs, cell charms, skinnies, wristlets, everything...)...of course, they are the cheapie thin white ones...but still, they do the job.
  4. Yeah, when I've gotten stuff from JAX only the bags have dustbags. I've only gotten the little white dustbags for accessories when I've purchased off eBay. I also save the Coach tissue paper to wrap my accessories in as well as use the boxes for storage.
  5. I have never been given a dustbag for anything other than a purse. I guess they assume that anything small enough to be put into a drawer or a jewelry box doesn't need a dust bag. I guess if you really wanted some your could go online or to the outlet. Would you normally store your small things on a shelf???
  6. yea i just assumed no dust bags for accessories which kind of sucks when you have a nice yet delicate wristlet like the fold-over framed legacy stripe wristlet I have.

    go figure
  7. you can get them if you buy accessories at the outlet. i usually just store the scarves in their gift box
  8. When I purchased my scarves and accessories at the Coach boutique, they gave me a small pouch for each item. I think you should just go there and kindly ask for one or some.
  9. you can go on eBay and buy them. But i put my wristlets and mini skinny in one of my dust bags that has the bag in it. That way i can keep up with it. But another dust bag would be nice to put all that stuff in.
  10. the small accessories and even some bags dont' have dustbags. I would suggest using pillowcases, they work great too! or keeping them wrapped in tissue in the box. Or if you go to the outlet, ask for a couple small dustbags
  11. I went back to the boutique and they gave me boxes and Coach tissue paper to store the scarves in :smile: I :heart: Coach SA's.
  12. The only way I found, is on eBay.
    I contacted Coach directly and they told me they do not send out 'just' dust bags. :sad:
  13. Also, I use pretty decorative hat boxes and pillow cases! Both work great!
  14. any time i've needed one, the sa's have been more than happy to give me one (or a few). no need to go to ebay for them, imo.

  15. What is funny about this is that the boutiques give you dust bags for purses only. Outlets give you a lower quality dust bag for everything other than the purses. Strange . . . .