Dust Bags v. Original Boxes

  1. Hello Fellow Fans,

    In an effort to get an early start on spring cleaning... I am doing so as I type and contemplating on tossing out all the boxes that my Chanel and LV's came in. Two years ago it would have devastated me if one of my boxes were damaged by some mishap in my closet. However, they are starting to take up so much space. Do you feel that a dust bag is enough to protect my purses? Help me decide. Part of me wants to let them go, but the other part can't because I used to get SO excited when the salesperson gave me a perfect box with my purchase. It was like opening a present every time I took my purse out for usage. What do you think? Toss it or keep it?:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I don't have that many boxes and some of my handbags didn't come with boxes. I like to store the purses in the boxes and I actually have enough storage space for a box for every handbag. Right now I have to share the boxes for a few purses. =(

    If you don't have enough room then use dustbags only. And only boxes for your delicate ones.

    I wonder if I can go into the stores and ask for boxes? Would that be too tacky? Or dust bags? Because I don't get why they don't give me it sometimes. =(!
  3. I would keep the boxes. But for the leather bags, Boxes don't let the bags breathe enough so I would say keep your canvass and other non leather bags in boxes, the leather bags and accessories in dustbags.

  4. Thanks for the response. I can't believe you don't always get a dust bag with your purchase. I suppose it depends on the store. I always get a dustbag for LVs and Chanels. I don't think it's tacky to ask for a new dustbag but I must say Good Luck because if you don't have a good salesperson that you always work with, I doubt they will give you one.

    I'm trying to put all my pochettes and wallets into one large box like you do with your purses. :p
  5. Chanel tells you NOT to store your purses in the boxes. Let them go!
  6. I only have a couple of boxes, that a few of my clutches go into. The rest of my bags are stored in their dustbags. If I dont get a dustbag I would ask for one immediately or go back asap to ask for one - its never happened to me though.
  7. If you don't want them and they are nice solid hard boxes, give them away or sell them on eBay or use them to store other stuff. I love nice boxes! What if you want to sell the bag one day? It will help if you have the original box.
  8. I'd keep the boxes, but use them for other kinds of things... shoes, mementos, i dunno, just cause those boxes are usually sturdy!

    stuff your bags properly with acid-free paper and put them in your dustbags, place them on a shelf in your closet, don't hang them, unless you're using the strings of the dustbag to hang them from
  9. I only keep my bags in their dustbags. The only boxes I've received were from Chanel and luckily those can be flattened for storage (at least the tote sized ones). I hate getting rid of them because if I want to sell any of the bags in the future, it will be nice to have the matching boxes. I agree with the other poster ... you could use them for other things. Sometimes the boxes are hard to come by, so I'd be afraid to throw them out. :smile:
  10. I use bag boxes to store shoes, and dustbags for bags. Too many shoes, and not much space...
  11. i use just the dustbags...the boxes take up too much room for me
  12. I don't have many purses that came with boxes, so in most cases I just use the dustbags. Works fine for me!
  13. yes keep the boxes if you can!
    actually i put the boxes on top of the closet OPEN facing forward and put the bag in dustbag inside the box facing forward open and another next to it etc..(even put other bags in a space between the boxes ...it is a great makeshift 'shelf' system and then you have the boxes forever or if you sell them
    plus you can see what you have AND they don't get crushed!