Dust Bags for Wristlets?

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    Ok girls, so I have quite a few Coach bags, but no wristlets yet (horrible I know)! Anyway, I'm about to purchase my very first wristlet from their website but am just wondering if the wristlets come with dust bags too, like all the bags do. I skimmed back a few pages to try to find an answer before posting this, but didn't see anything. Thanks! (It's a large wristlet by the way)
  2. I just bought a wristlet from the Outlet and they told me that they don't have any for wristlets... I don't know if they ship them with them or not, though.
  3. When I buy accessorie's @ the Outlet, they put my wristlets in a small white bag with red writing.They also put my cleaner and moisturizer in the bags as well..HTH
  4. I didn't get a dustbag for mine from fp but it was in a pretty box
  5. Thanks for the replies...wouldn't have stopped me from buying either way, lol! Was just curious.
  6. they don't come with dustbags and the ones that are used are usually suppose to be for belts. i just put it in if the customer requests and there is extra or, tbh, if the customer is super sweet
  7. I have bought wristlets at FP and outlet and neither gave a dust bag. I did ask for one at FP one day when I was there and was given a smaller brown dust bag( maybe 1/3 reg size). Not sure what the smaller bags were ever used for but I use mine for my extra wallets and wristlets. I do seem to remember the outlet had some really thin cloth bags, almost like cheese cloth thin. Try asking at the FP store, can't hurt.
  8. When I bought my Tartan wristlet at the outlet, they gave me the small cloth like white bag...Just like when I have purchased keyfobs, I have gotten them.They always give them to my 2 younger girls with stickers in them,lol!!!!:P
  9. I just bought a Poppy graffiti wristlet today from the FP store and no dust bag.
  10. sometimes, i give away the jewelry box (empty) and place it in the small little (about the size of 3x5 planner) legacy shopper and give it to the kids to carry like their mommy (esp when their hands want to grab on wristlets and are too young to know not to let go when they're about to leave the store)

    stickers are a norm. i give them to all kids

    this kind of stuff, its normal.. sometimes i even do it (box in a bag) when they haven't purchased anything!

    its all about just walking in and not being rude.

    and i guess if the sales associate cares.
  11. You know what? You'd get my business again and again if I brought my child in there and you treated them like that :smile: I've been on both sides, retail sales and customer. That to me would show me that you're not just there for the paycheck each day. Plus, it's so gosh darn cute! ;)
  12. :flowers:

    and people like you make it fun for me when i worked (by your appreciation and kind words) :yes: