dust bags for coach shoes???

  1. aren't the coach shoes suppose to come with storage bags?? I didn't get one with mine.... and I thought they did..... either that or I'm a total moron....

    someone please help!
  2. I don't know the answer for sure but I think just the Jilly travel flats have a dust bag. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though because I've never owned a pair!
  3. only the Jilly's come with a travel bag because ... they were made for travel! Other shoes are only wrapped in tissue and put in their shoebox.

    I store my shoes in their shoeboxes just as I do with my bags - I always ask for a giftwrap so there is a box for storage.
  4. mannnnn I have the jilly's and there was no bag in the box..... what should i do!!!!
  5. Call JAX and see if they will send you one since they are supposed to come with them.
  6. i called jax and they put i a request for one. She said they probably don't have an extra ones to send me, but if so I'll get them in 2 weeks.

    THEN I called the store to see if it was laying around and they said to come in whenever and they'll switch out the boxes(?) and give me one.... lol.