Dust Bags Bleeding Onto Your Shoe??

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, 2010
    As discussed on Vodkain's "Worst choice ever" thread some of us have experienced color bleeding from the dust bag onto the shoe.

    Has this happened to you? Share your story and how you went about fixing.

  2. For me it was on my Pigalle Strass that I noticed it FIRST. As You wear strass shoes you know some stones are bound to fall off.

    Well, as I was waiting on my SA to send the replacement stones I stored them in the bag and box. To my dismay when I took them out the tip of the shoe was stained. I was able to remove it with a regular pencil eraser but some of the silver came off with it too. When I replaced my stones you can't see it.

    My Poseidons had this too yesterday and some of my lighter shoes have this too. My bananas were stained on the back of the heel edge and so on.

    What to do eh!

    I know that some of us store our shoes on a shelf but I store my special shoes in their dust bags and box.
  3. I have not had this happen yet, thank GOD! I am aware of it since this happened to someone else though. Now, if it's raining, I always carry my shoes in plastic so the dustbag doesn't get wet. I wish CL would change the bag to the natural color of his boxes.
  4. i worried about this with my nude kid simples, so i keep them in the box, but place the tissue paper in between the shoes and the bag inside of the box
  5. That would be fantastic if he would do that!
  6. This is a great idea but not too many people think to do this.
  7. :wtf::faint:

    How devastating, Baggaholic!!! Especially with Strass...your shoes are so beautiful!!

    This is a great idea for a thread...Actually, one of the first tips I picked up here was that the red dustbags were prone to bleed...I guess I've just been lucky up to this point, because it never occurred to me that this could happen, and I always store mine in their boxes with the bags. Upon reading that, I immediately removed the bag from the box containing my white patent pigalles...I would be heartbroken if anything happened to them!

    I (luckily) haven't had any disasters with my CLs, but I swear by Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It is a miracle solution for almost any stain. I've used it on other shoes- i imagine it would probably work for leather and patent. I've also used diluted liquid laundry detergent to clean stains/marks off fabric shoes.
  8. I do this, too. So far, so good!
  9. When I store my CLs, I actually put the dustbags underneath the tissues away from the shoes. When I travel, I put my CLs in a white Kate Spade dustbag.
  10. I do something similar to Alice but my dustbag is on top of the tissue paper so when you open the box you see dustbag, tissue paper, and then shoes :smile:
  11. definitely! i didn't think to do it until i read stories of nude kid staining very easily and being hard to clean!
  12. I have taken all the dustbags out of the boxes and put them in a CL shopping bag.
  13. I don't let the dustbags EVER touch ANY of my CLs (even the dark brown and black ones). I wish you ladies who had staining good luck removing the stains. :flowers:
  14. #14 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    I'm with Jan! i NEVER pack my CLs in the red dustbags...i usually pack them in my Marni dustbags coz those are not dyed and they are extra thick :biggrin:

    edit - i mean for travel...that's the ONLY time my CLs ever see the inside of a dustbag....
  15. WHAT POINT IS IT TO HAVE A DUSTBAG THEN if we're not using it?

    I think someone close to Mr. CL should leet him know about this. I don't mind a dusbag that looks like the box.

    yoohoo darling... :ninja: