Dust bag?

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
    This maybe an odd question, but I might as well ask, besides who better to ask then my TPF friends! :smile:

    Can I ask LV for an extra dust bag?
    ex: If I lost mine, wanted an extra bag for storage, frame it, what ever my heart desires.

    I'd thought I'd ask here before asking LV when I make my next purchase.
  2. I have heard several people who have been given one but I was told that it wasn't possible :sad: it's always worth a shot because it can depend on the SA!
  3. Thank you. You are always so sweet to me and fast a replying :smile:
  4. I had asked for a dustbag for my extender strap for my speedy empreinte but the SA told me that she couldn't give me one because they keep count on how many dustbags they have in the stock room, and it was only if someone didn't want a dust bag (who refuses a dust bag?) that she can give me one.

    So maybe if you asked an SA nicely that you know, you can ask her "if you can just call me if there's an extra one sitting around that would be nice" you might just get one.
  5. you can ask and they might have an extra one to give
    it be better if you ask your regular sa
    I myself got a few extra over the years
  6. I've gotten a couple of dustbags by just asking at my local store. I've also gotten a clochette, a mini pochette chain and a pochette strap (free :faint:)
    I asked because I heard the stories of how hard it was to get some of those items so I asked and got them... for free!
    Just ask, you never know! Good luck ;)
  7. I recently asked for an extra dust bag for a cles and the SA was nice enough to give me one. I think it depends on the SA.
  8. Yes you sure can. I just called my SA and asked get to send me a drawstring felt so I can store my Empreinte speedy stuffed. And I also asked hey to send me one of the small chocolate velvet drawstring bags for my ice ball charm
  9. Has anyone asked for dust bag, extra strap, or chain before they were about to make a large LV purchase? Does it work to ask before you seal the deal?
  10. It's hard to establish a relationship at my store. Every time I've gone, there's always different people there. Idk if they have a lot of part timers, high turn around in employees, or if it's just my inconsistent shopping times. My stores is also known to have bad customer service, even though I've never had a real bad experience; it's just always been mediocre.

    There is this one gal, but she's not really friendly nor mean, just not welcoming. It just seems like it's not in her personality to want to start small talk. She's not the Manager but a is there full time, maybe the assistant Manager or a lead? She does a lot of the bagging and is in charge of repairs an SA said. I find that she's not really interested in helping customers. She usually hands clients off to SAs. It's weird how she does it too. She just kinda acknowledges your presents subtlety and sends an SA over. If I were she, I'd probably great the customers with a warm welcome (Hi your back!, Welcome to Louis Vuitton, etc... ANYTHING!) and introduce them to the SA they'll be working with. Is it like this in your stores also?

    Any how, this maybe corny, but I'd like a small drawstring dust bag for my go-to/every day pearl earrings (which I'd like it to be kept in my handbags). I could you a new dust bag for my Favorite MM too, since DH left it in Mexico (thank heavens it's wasn't the purse it self).

    Well, thank you all so much everyone. Wish me luck :smile:

  11. Oh wow that is awesome!
  12. i guess it all varies
    one time i asked for one and i got one no problem
    although most of the time i get denied
    although my cs rep was really nice lol