Dust bag?

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  1. This maybe a odd question, but I might as well ask, besides who better to ask then my TPF friends! :smile:

    Can I ask LV for an extra dust bag?
    ex: If I lost mine, wanted an extra bag to store something else in it, frame it, what ever my heart desires.

    I'd thought I'd ask here before asking LV when I make my next purchase.

    Thanks Y'all
  2. you can ask and they might have an extra one to give
    it be better if you ask your regular sa
  3. I've got extra dust bags a couple of times...but the last time I asked for one...they told me if they couldn't find one...they could order for me. Needless to say...I won't ask for a freebie again. I don't want to be a mooch..:blush: