Dust bag...

  1. What size is good for a papillon 26?
    Is 11.75 × 7.5 large enough or should I go for the 13"?
    Any papillon 26 owners can measure their dust bag size? :shame:
  2. I think you need something quite a bit larger than that...I'll check mine...
  3. the bigger the better. u gotta flaunt ur money. u know that!!
  4. Umm..I think u'd better re-look ur posts before u click the submit button..this and the other one is bodering on rudeness and really, we can't tell just from letters on a screen if it's a legit joke or not. We really do welcome u if u are genuine and sincere in contributing to the forum...:flowers:
  5. youre right... lets hope she's not a TROLL :idea:
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