Dust Bag?

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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many of you keep your LV's in their dust bags? I've always kept my collection on the top shelf of my closet (without dust bags).... but was wondering if it's important to store them in their dust bags. :thinking:
  2. I only keep mine in their dust bags if I know that I won't use them for a while. Otherwise, it's too annoying to take them out/put them back in every time you use them!
  3. I keep mine in their dust bag in their box- I rotate about once a month so they all get to breath once in a while
  4. I only keep a few in their dust bags - I like to look at them and be able to use them quickly! I keep my vernis alma in a bag, cause of the dust issue.
  5. i *try* to keep them in their dust bags at all times. however i switch up bags a few times during the week so some of them stay out w/o a dust bag until i can put them away on the weekend.
  6. I keep my LVs in their dust bags when not in use since they sit out on top of a dresser in my bedroom. Otherwise, they'll get dusty!!! (Can you tell that I don't dust much?)
  7. I keep most of them in the dust bag, but the ones I use for work (NF and Passy) hardly ever get to rest in the dust bags...
  8. Same here - the ones i dont use as much are in their dust dags, the other ones are kept more ready to go in the hall... so its more like empty contents from one into the other, lol.
  9. I keep them all in there dust bags.
  10. I keep them all in their dust bags, and put them right back in when I'm ready to rotate..
  11. It's super important to keep your Louis in its bag because if you don't, the light will effect the vachetta color. This is why the store doesn't keep its bags on the shelves long. They rotate them because any light, natural or artificial, will make the vachetta patina happen unevenly.
  12. I keep mines in the dustbag and in the box.

    It's not just the light that will make a bag patina. It's the air that will oxidise the leather on the bag.
  13. i always keep them in the dust bag but i don't rotate that often
  14. Not me. I like to look at them too much. LOL =D
  15. i keep all of my handbags in their dustbag in general. no matter what. :smile: