Dust Bag Woes

  1. I recently bought a Downtown on Bluefly and sadly it did not come with a dustbag when I called them they said that sometimes Bluefly products just did not come with dustbags so sadly I am without. Is there anywhere a girl can get a YSL dustbag? I've set up an eBay alert for it but I haven't seen any pop up just yet :crybaby:

    Thank you all in advance!
  2. Maybe you could call the YSL store and ask? I remember I bought a large Gucci bag and they didn't have a dustbag and told me to come back later to get it.
  3. If you can't get one a high count pillowcase is what I use. The whole point is to protect it.
  4. I had the same experience with Bluefly once. I ordered the medium downtown and it did not come with a dustbag. I didn't feel comfortable with that so called them to ask for an exchange. They asked me to return it and place a new order since they didn't have another one in stock. I ended up returning it. Could it be the same one I purchased? :confused1:
  5. Oh my goodness, maybe it is.

    They jacked up my order - I initially ordered a patent Downtown. I should have just returned it but I really grew to like the leather Downtown and decided to keep it since they didn't even have any patent downtowns in stock.

    I would be quite aggravated to know that it was a return. I know I'm never ever going to order from them again already :cursing:

    , thanks for the suggestion. I know that a dust bag is just to protect but I really want my matching dustbag. What can I say, I'm anal that way.

    couture girl 06
    , I'm going to give the YSL store a shot - worst thing they can say is no.
  6. I would try YSL..as you said no harm in trying.
  7. Sorry to hear that your bag had no dustcover....how does THAT happen, I wonder ?? My OS Muse from bluefly had everything....satin cover, cards and tags. I'm shocked to hear that about bluefly, but I guess it happens.
    Hope you find that cover !!
  8. ^Yeah I don't know what the deal is/was. It came with all tags and everything else but the dustbag was missing.

    Thankfully, I just called Bluefly (I decided to try them again before I call YSL) and they've promised to send me a dustbag ASAP. I guess its all just a matter of who you get on the line - this sales rep was much more helpful than the last one I spoke to.
  9. I just wanted to give a shout out to the great eBay seller whodoesntneedthis, who I bought a YSL dustbag from. Bluefly gave me the run around and was altogether useless in the long run. I don't think I'll be buying from them again. Thankfully whodoesntneed this was able to provide a dustbag for me at a very reasonable cost.

    I'm still so angry at Bluefly though.:tdown: