Dust bag that is too small for MAB

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  1. I bought my MAB at Bloomingdale's and I just tried to use the Dust Bag for the first time. It's too small and I have to squeeze my MAB in and even then it still doesn't fit! Will they give me a new one if I call or do I have to order one from the RM site? I'm wondering if she only makes one size and if there's a bigger one even? Thanks!
  2. That's odd. As far as I know, the bags are all one size only. My MAM and MA and Matinee all come in the same size bags.
  3. I have the same problem with the dust bag for my matinee! I always have difficulty squeezing it in and its so tight its bending my matinee flaps! I think they only have 1 size coz my dustbag for matinee is the same my MAM.. Maybe we should highlight this problem to RM?
  4. ^that's odd... my dustbags (which are all one size) fit all of my RM's... Granted I don't have my matinee with me right now, but I believe it fit it's dust bag pretty well.

    I would email Catalina you guys, or pose the question to RM Maven... HTH
  5. Hmm...that's strange. I've never noticed whether all the dustbags were the same size or not(My RM clutch has a small dustbag, but other than that, I haven't noticed). I will say that some of my bags fit better in the dustbag when turned sideways and put in and some fit better when held by the handles and lowered in.
  6. Hey gals,

    Right now we offer two different size dustbags one for regular bags and one for the clutches. We will work on making the 2 sizes a bit bigger to accomodate some of the larger bags. This may take some time so please be patient. ;)
  7. Hm...I never noticed that problem with my dustbags!! Although I just compared the two now, and yeah, they are the same size. I guess my matinee is just very squished..
  8. Great that they hear us and responsed so quickly! Thanks RM Maven! :tup: