dust bag that doesn't fit?

  1. I purchased my ink twiggy about a month ago from Barney's NYC. I've been carry it pretty frequently and thus never had to put it into its dust bag yet.

    Today I realized that the dust bag doesn't fit! The width is too short, i.e. I can cram it in if I let it fold a bit in the middle. Wierd. It looked like the dustbag was meant for a longer and narrower bbag (hobo maybe?)

    It's really not that big a deal, but it kind of bums me out. Barney's is not local to me so it can not be solved by a trip to the store. And I feel wierd calling them about a misplaced dustbag a month later...
  2. Call them. I often buy bags and stick them in my closet for months before I carry them. I wouldn't have thought to check either. You paid for it, you deserve the correct dustbag. They probably gave you a dust bag for the Classic. Whatever happened, call them and explain it. Good luck!