Dust bag removed? Huh?

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  1. I recently tried to list a dust bag (authentic of course) and it got removed.
    Then I read that maybe dust bags are not allowed.
    But that's not what this email says - it says that the item was counterfiet.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][FONT=Arial, Verdana]
    Thank you for your recent auction-style listing on eBay. Unfortunately, we removed the following item(s):

    400027710703 - Louis Vuitton Dustbag for pochette dust cover sleeper

    The following information may help explain the reason for your listing(s) removal:

    Trademark infringement is unlawful and violates eBay's policies. A trademark is a unique sign (such as a name, word, phrase, logo, or symbol) that a company uses to identify its products and/or services.

    Using another company's trademark in a way that may confuse buyers about the source of goods or services, or confuses buyers into believing that the seller is affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by the trademark owner is both illegal and against eBay's policies. Examples include counterfeits, unauthorised replica items and items that bear the brand or logo of a company without that company's permission.

    Guideline: If the product you are listing bears the brand or logo of a company, but it wasn't made or authorised by that company, don't sell it on eBay. Sellers are not permitted to list items that encourage or enable others to infringe another party or company's trademarks, or that provide instruction that would enable and encourage others to commit such acts.

  2. ^ Whaaaa?! How does listing a dustbag do all of that?!?!
  3. Do they Not know that dust bags are made by the designers or something?

    I read the other day that you are no longer to sell them on ebay but, I never did hear why.
    Maybe someone else on here will have some more info.
  4. Hmm...which type was it? The stiffer, linen type or the newer softer one? Or even the older thicker flannel one?
    If it was the stiff linen one or the older flannel one, a lot of people don't know of their existence so they may have reported it based on that.
    If not, then I have no idea? :confused1:
  5. They don't want people selling dustbags, boutique bags, boxes, ribbons, whatever logo'd items might be used by someone else to make a fake bag look more authentic. It's just a form email, because it fits under the same general category.
  6. That definately makes sense. I have seen people trying to sell fake bags on ebay and the fake bag would have a real dust bag with it. I have also seen people trying to sell real bags and had fake dust bags with them.

  7. I just had a listing for a set of 3 sleeper bags removed, but the reason I was given was "Trademark Violation" that the item I was selling bore the name of the designer, but was not made by or authorized by the designer. Huh, guess those authentic bags and wallets I purchased from the designer's store were giving away items that they didn't make!!!

    While I guess I could see their reasons behind monitoring the sale of these types of items, I guess there should be some consistency with the removal and sale of these items. As of right now, there are 13 other listings for Sleeper/Dust Bags and in the closed items, there are several that were purchased.

    I know that there are always people looking for sleeper/dust bags for bags and wallets that don't come with them, and there are some people who may have purchased an inexpensive bag but like the idea of having a "designer" sleeper to store the bag in.

    If they're going to remove the listings for these items, then they should state that in their notice of removal - NOT state that the item violated Trademark laws!!

    (and when I tried to contact ebay using their "new" email system, my messages transmitted in BLANK!! I have two blank messages in my email box as well as my SENT msgs on ebay! So apparently, I can't even contact them about this)
  8. Are we still allowed to list these on Bonanzle?
  9. yup, this is correct, they brought the policy in quite a while ago now, i'm sure it's ok to list on bonanzle though.

  10. It's so stupid - for the longest time I had my policy compliance as 'poor' - all for listing an authentic dust bag - LAME
  11. That's really dumb...
    Even in that case, you'd think that the majority of fake bags could be authenticated as fake even if they did have an authentic dustbag, KWIM?
    I mean, I've seen authentic bags being sold with fake dustbags, perhaps because the seller bought an extra dustbag not realizing it was fake. Maybe it's just me since I've looked at so many listings in the last few years...but yeah, still dumb.
  12. That's lame.
  13. It all started with Vera Bradley cases for sunglasses. From there it escalated to any and all items that "encourage the sale of counterfeit items".

    At one point Vera Bradley cases were being sold as "tampon holders" to get around the rules. I believe now, cases made specifically for glasses from a designer who does NOT sell glasses are O.K. to list.
  14. I know that e bay removes a lot of the dustbags and boxes people try to sell to cut down on people putting fakes in them and trying to sell. Personally, I find it lame and would love to purchase dustbags to put my bags in that don't have one but that's e bay's policies.

    I've tried to purchase Hermes boxes before but the auctions always get taken down, always.
  15. I do kind of see where they're coming from with this , still a PIA though, i'm always on the lookout for bal boxes !