Dust Bag Question

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am a newbie and have been lurking for quite awhile. I really find your site helpful. I finally have a question worth posting:

    I just received my Tod's Miky Nomade Grande from Neiman Marcus online. It was the last one. It is gorgeous, however, it did not come with the original Tod's brown dustbag. Instead it came with some plastic feeling cheap white substitute. The bag did not even come with tissue inside. Maybe it was a return and someone kept the bag and threw out the tissue? I am tweaked because I spent $1300 on this bag and expected more from Neiman Marcus. Even Bluefly sent me a Tod's with the original orange box!
    Anyway, could someone please tell me what I should do?
    Thanks so much!
  2. Call NM, I'm sure that they can just send you another dust bag. Try and talk to the salesperson you got the bag from originally.
  3. It would bother me if I didn't get the original dustbag. I used to have a Tod's handbag and it came w/a nice soft dustbag. Hope you get a hold of yours! For spending that much money, it has to be perfect.
  4. Thanks! I will call NM - I ordered it online so I will probably get someone who doesn't have a clue, but will give it a shot.