Dust Bag Question?

  1. I just got my BH from someone on Craigslist but it didnt come with a dust bag or a box because the seller said she left them in S.F where she was originally from. :sad:
    My question is, do any of you know if LV boutiques will be able to give me a dust bag or if they will sell me one? If not.. is eBay my only hope??

    Thanks in advance!! ;)
  2. They won't sell you one. If you ask around, you may find someone nice enough to give you one. Its all based on luck. I asked around A LOT, and I mean A LOT and got a few boardline mean responses before a very nice manager gave me one. She didn't even check my reciept.
  3. you could probably find one on eBay, or something. those pop up on eBay a lot.
  4. Could you ask the seller to please mail it to you?? Even paying her shipping for the box and bag would be cheaper than buying one on ebay.
  5. Yeah, they won't give you one at the LV Boutique (I've asked). :rolleyes:

    I would say your best bet is to get one off of ebay (I may be wrong). :shrugs:
  6. They won't give you one @ the bouique (they only get one that comes with each bag) but they might give you a box.
  7. Politely butting in, they don't only get one for each bag. They just tell you that. They told me that too, but its not true.
  8. ^^Yep- sadly, they won't sell you one :sad: Generally they won't give you a dustbag but if you have a really good relationship with your SA you might be able to work it. Otherwise they always have them on ebay for reasonable prices.
  9. I totally agree with this!!
  10. problem is, shes here in DC. :push: and she moved from S.F
  11. if you have a good relationship with an SA they will give you dustbags. I have bought stuff from ebay with old yucky dustbags and I always ask for a new one when I go into the store. So I guess it depends on your SA
  12. try ebay...
  13. I would try asking around at the stores. The worst thing they can say is "no." If that doesn't work then I would say ebay.
  14. ebay