Dust Bag quality

  1. I've bought 3 new bags this year, and all 3 of them come with different quality dust bags. as in, though the material states 100% cotton, they feel diffferent.
    One is like a felt cover (somewhat like the old brown version material), the other 2 are of a slightly grainier material, out of the 2 one of them feels slightly thinner.
    Is it normal for the lack of consistency?
  2. I also have the same LV dustbags. I think LV just modifies the design of the dustbag slightly. The felt dustbag is definately older than the grainier versions.
  3. I was thinking this today, I have the old dark brown dustbag but then I have a newer thicked dustbag made of felt which has come with most of my LV items, then I have two dustbags that are thin-ish and are more granier like you said. IDK if LV has changed them I do think that the newest dustbag is the thick felt style one.
  4. I have at least four different types of dust bags in my collection:
    - dark tan felt texture
    - lighter tan felt texture, poor cutting
    - light cream "grainy"...kind of like the lining of some of the bags but a tad softer
    - light cream soft felt texture
  5. ^Yup, same here. I like the softer ones...I personally preferred the darker tan ones to any of the newer versions.
  6. My favs are the super soft ones with the drawstring
  7. I also prefer the darker tan ones and the ones with the drawstrings.

  8. You are exactly right, I asked about this when I picked up a custom damier Piano bag over a year ago. LV did in fact change their dust bags, first the darker flannel, then they went to a lighter cotton, almost a linen feel to it, and then shortly after that change, they went to a heavier cotton, non-linen, cover currently provided today. LV told me they had trouble with the thinner linen-cotton covers and they did not stay around long at all before they made adjustments! I noticed the thinner one did not hold up as well as far as the stitching too. There were customer complaints, this is what my SA told me. So glad they changedback to a heavier cotton, I personally think they were trying to cust costs and it backfired with complaints!

  9. I think so too.
  10. ITA Rebecca! The older dark tan ones were so soft, I really felt like my bags were cozy and safe in those dust bags.
  11. I definitely like the softer bags, it makes me feel like my bags are safer :smile:
  12. I only have the thinner cotton (second neweest one) and the felt ones (current ones), I prefer the thinner one to the touch as I don't really like the felt feeling, but the thinner one isen't really protecting the bags very well. And it's fragile.
  13. I really really like my soft one with the drawstring! My other dustbag doesn't even have enough room to fit my speedy stuffed so that is really too bad :sad: I will definately request drawstring dustbags if I can in the future because they are sooo soft and you can keep your bag stuffed and in the dustbag!
  14. i dont mind any. dont think i prefer any either.
  15. For the price that we pay for luxury bags, you would think you would get a decent dust bag.