dust bag - no flap?

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  1. this might be a silly question but id ask anyway. :biggrin:

    i just bought this mini pochette for my daughter and i got concerned because the dust bag has no flap, it just opens on the side. has anybody gotten this kind of dust bag before? i really shouldn't be concerned since i did buy it at the louis vuitton boutique but who knows? better be sure. i have my fair share of louis vuitton bags and wallets and i have never gotten this type of dustbag.

  2. Can you post pictures of it? I am sure we would all like to see it.
  3. ok , here are the pics



  4. Ohhh sorry I missed out your post... btw yeah i think it's their pochette's special dustbag!
  5. Oh wow.. I've never seen/noticed this kind of dust bag. Thanks for the pics OP!
  6. I've never seen that kind of dustbag either. How do you close it up?
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  8. Yes my mini pochette came in the same type dust bag.
    I ordered mine from the LV website.
  9. hi, my affiche pochette also came with a dust bag like this!! i did think it was a bit strange!! glad im not the only one!
  10. I've seen this dustbag with other SLG's.
  11. Both my Mini Accessories Pouches came in this type of dustbag. One was purchased in a boutique and the other online. OP, I have the same one. It's really cute (I love pink).

  12. Glad to help ;)
  13. Here is a silly question I hope someone can answer for me...Do some LV dustbags have a "Made in India" tag on the inside of them? I recently purchased a damier azur speedy 30 from the LV store in Atlanta while passing thru and then decided to exchange it for a speedy classic monogram 30 at an LV store in Richmond, VA. The second dustbag had this tag on the inside. I didn't notice this inside the first dustbag but then again, I wasn't really looking at it either. Is the tag normal?