Dust bag for Mono Keepall 45

  1. LV tells me that the Mono Keepall 45 never came with a dust bag... Is this true? Does anyone use a dust bag for theirs and how big is it?
  2. I got one for mine. [​IMG]It's the new one in the chair.
  3. Well I wonder why he told me that...:blink:

    Nice LV!
  4. yes, my keepall came with an over sized dust bag. i dont use mine though instead I use it to store about 2 -3 old bags.
  5. KathyD, I'm green with envy :P

    they said they dont make them ;[
  7. thats wht they want you to think ^_^
  8. I got it with my graffiti keepall back in 2001 (wow a long time ago lol) and recently with my epi keepall but this time it's the new one with louis vuitton on it. I miss the old ones style
  9. my Keepall 50 has a huge dustbag. i think they gave me one for a Pegase instead. seriously, it can fit a 10 year old child. so yes, your Keepall 45 should have a dustbag. heck, even my Epi Pocket Agenda has a dust bag! except for textiles, watches and gold jewellery, most items should come with a dustbag. or at least you can always request for one.
  10. I think they were out of dustbags when I got my 45. I got it from South Coast last summer so that might be why. They just folded it up and put it in a box lol.