Dust bag for MBMJ totally turnlock clutch?

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  1. Hi, I have a question for MBMJ totally turnlock double flap clutch, does this clutch come with the original dust bag?

    I have placed the order from Saks.com last week, and have received the clutch yesterday. But it did not come with the dust bag, I thought it should be that way. But until I read the care card, it does say "store in the protective bag received with purchasing".

    I did contact with CS, but they have no idea about the dust bag. She told me will check with warehouse later....

    Does anyone buy the clutch same as me and receiving the dust bag? Please input. Thanks!:confused1:
  2. mbmj wallets do not come with dustbags. i believe they use the same text on the cards as mj collection bags where dustbags are included with the wallets. it just sounds like a case of bad editing on the company's part. if you've ever ordered from sephora.com, they usually include a satin gift bag in the package. i've found they make really great dustbags. just a suggestion.
  3. i've never received a dust bag with any of my mbymj wallets...and i have a few ;)
  4. Thanks everybody! Now I am much more relieve for dust bag issue.

    I have another questions, sorry. I got two different colors. One is black patent, and another is cherry patent. My DH think I only need one for this style, if you were me, which color you will pick? Thanks!
  5. I would pick the cherry patent. I think its more suitable for spring/summer. I dont like the way the black patent looks. JMO
  6. I know I'm kinda late but I ordered the turnlock clutch by phone with a chicago Saks and I received a dust bag for that. But when I ordered the same clutch in cranberry with Saks online it did not come with a dust bag. So that was odd.
  7. i've come across a few of these..i want to say the turnlocks that I saw did not have the dust bags...but i've had the dr q foldover clutch and it had a dust bag..
  8. now that i look at it, the SA gave me a mj dust cover, not mbmj for my turnlock clutch from the phone order. she is so sweet!
  9. Same. My wristlets didn't even come with dust bags.