dust bag for luggage?

  1. I've been wanting a Louis Vuitton Pegase 60 Suitcase and came across one. I thought all luggage came with dustbags ( I asked eluxury and they said they do) but this seller says they don't come with dustbags. Do they or don't they??:confused1:
  2. Hello hun, I AM the seller...and you can call Louis Vuitton and ask them..
    Also if you doubt authenticity post pics on the authenticate this section of TPF and they will tell you its authentic...
    It did not come with a dustbag when I bought it.
    Hope this clears things up for you!
  3. hmm... to answer your q, YES, the pegase 60 does come with a dustbag. Regardless of its authenticity, if you seriously WANT a dustbag and the seller does not offer it, then don't buy the item.
    However, if you care only about the product and it is authentic, then the dustbag is quite irrelevant imo.
  4. There is no need to have an attitude, it was an honest question that she is entitled to ask.
  5. What attitude? The seller just stated that it didn't come with a dust bag when she bought it.... No attitude there
  6. Also SAs don't always give a dustbag when then should - same happened to me with my keepall.
  7. have a :beach: ladies~ We all know different SA have different style of what comes w/purchase. Some will not offer the box for pegase, some will not offer the dust bag, it could be as simple as seller didn't ask for one when purchase or the store was out of stock. Like Cec said, regardless of dust bag or not, it's the auth pegase that matters :flowers:
  8. ^^ya, that's right. but mine without asking, the damier geant conquerant has a huge dustbag that came with it. i had it delivered though...
  9. all the city bags come with the dustbag, some of the luggage doesn't arrive in the store in a dustbag, just in a box and protective plastic bag.
    in the past, most of the large pieces like pegase, keepall had no dustbag, now most of them do...
    so if somebody is selling an item which is few years old and is claiming it didn't come with the dust bag, he/she is probably telling the truth
    you can always ask your SA if they have a spare dust bag....
  10. it's the same with the packaging, if there is a box the SA can fit the large piece in, then they are happy for you to have a lovely box as you are spending lot of money, trust me....
    it happens that SA's are out of packaging/boxes or the item is just an odd shape and hard to wrap so then 'simple packaging' comes in place