During storage:

  1. During storage, where and how do you usually keep the chains of your flaps?!

    Should it be inside the handbag?? If yes... HOW??
  2. I used to keep the chains of my flap bags inside the bag. by inserting the chains on the left side of my bag. But I'm afraid that by doing this all the time, the handbag might be deformed?! Will it be???
  3. wrap the chains first so they don't make indentations on the leather.
  4. Thanks swanky! Should i put the chain Inside the handbag or not?
  5. When I purchased my flap the SA wrapped the bag between the straps and folded the chain over once and then wrapped the chain (repeat 2x) until all sections of the chain is individually wrapped in tissue. So the chain is not touching the bag and each other. Sounds like a hassle, huh?
  6. rica, IMO it doesn't really matter, the important thing as they they never rest on the leather, or each other.
  7. Thanks swanky & poosdarling! I will do that. :biggrin:
  8. what happens if they rest on each other?? I didnt know that
  9. good question. thanks for the info.
  10. I leave my chains outside the bag, and place the felt cloth that came with my purse between the two flaps so the chain doesn't rest on any leather on the inside.
  11. I am curious too! What happens if the chains rest on the leather or each other?
  12. with some chains, like the reissue, i found it hard to wrap the chain with tissue paper, so what i did was i bought some felt cloth and made a cover for the bag. the cover is made in a way that it separates the reissue chain from the leather. and i think it works pretty well!
  13. they'll make indentations /marks on the leather that may never come out, if they rest too long on the leather.
  14. All of you may think I am very OCD about storage but I'm going to tell you what I do. I do not store my bags in the black Chanel bags they come with. I fold the storage bag in the bottom of the box and put the ID card and the small black envelope that also comes with the bags under the storage bag. There's something about those black Chanel storage bags that make me nervous with light colored leather of any finish.

    I then put acid free tissue paper in the box and around the bag. I lay the bags flat and then put the chains carefully at the top of the bag.

    I know this sounds REALLY anal but at an average price of around $2000.00 per bag these days I don't think we can be too carefully when storing the bag.

    I need to go and take my meds now..........
  15. ^^^ LOL at pattihansen... you are great for doing that though, your bags may last extra long!

    i just basically put the chain inside of the bag the way it's displayed in the boutiques, the chain drawn inside so it's inside the bag. i also arrange my bags vertical inside the box, thus the box is vertical as i like my bags to be standing up rather than laying down on top of another.

    on my reissues, i cautiously put the chains away from the bag and have the bag wrapped in the tissue paper so the chains have no way of touching them.