During quarantine ... we take pictures of bags

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  1. Hi fellow bag lovers!

    Hello from Toronto! We have been in social isolation here for 3 weeks. With not much to do, I took out my bags to do a little family portrait ❤️

    I love everyone one of them and each is a special piece that has come into my life for different milestones.

    From the top we have:
    (old)Celine Phantom tote - love her to death, exquisite craftsmanship
    LV Neverfull in DA
    Mr Alexander Wang Rockie (yup he’s a boy!)
    LV Speedy 35 DE
    LV Siena PM - my newest baby
    Gucci Soho Tassle bag
    A lil Prada metalasse leather evening/camera bag
    And by two LV pochettes

    Thanks for letting me share

  2. lovely
  3. Very nice collection you have, very curated, I like how every bag is quite different from the rest. And you seem to have a bag for every occasion!
    I know you said you love them all, but which one would you say you get the most use out of?
  4. Thank you ☺️
  5. Aw thank you for the sweet words! It’s taken me a few years of buying and selling. Like an example, my very first designer bag was an older LV speedy in mono, then I sold that for a 25 DE and then sold that for the 35 DE I have now. So it’s been trial and error!

    My most used will have to be the pochette accessoires actually! It’s so versatile, I’ve gone out with it, taken it on trips, on the beach, for quick errands on weekends. I have a couple of chains and straps (non LV) and it’s so easily to change it from casual to a little more dressy. I haven’t babied it all and it’s still in great shape.
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  6. Whoops above was e reply to you ☺️
  7. I know exactly what you mean!
    The Pochette Accessoires is indeed a very versatile bag and quite roomy for such a small thing.
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  8. Beautiful collection- we’re twins on the Celine Cabas Phantom! Waving from Canada! :wave: