Duration To Get My Newly-Purchased Bag from AR?

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  1. Hi,
    I am anxiously waiting for my newly-bought bag from Aloha Rag. May I know the average time to receive the bags from the day you get the confirmation email from AR?


  2. 2-3 days. I purchased mine on Wednesday... got the tracking number on the same day. but i received it on Monday.
  3. what did you order??
  4. I purchased a Black City..and opppssss..forgot to mention that I dont live in States but in Asia country..so not sure how the duration like...if 2-3 days, I will be flown into the sky..:woohoo:
  5. lol.. i'm sure it won't even take a week to get there. They are super quick with their shipments!

    - a black city:tup:!! I'm thinking of getting that for my next purchase (it was either that or a work/pt.. but they seem too big for me). Were you able to see the black leather before you purchased it?
  6. No..I dint get to see that..so hopefully it is not too bad when I receive it..But I did describe my leather preference on the purchase form..MMhhh..shall let you girls see when I receive it..
  7. can't wait!!
  8. Takes around 4- 5 days to reach Singapore after AR send the confirmation email with the Fedex tracking number. You can go on to Fedex site to track your package :yes: