Duran Duran- 10 nights in NYC

  1. Just wondering if any gals from tpf are going to see my favorite band Duran Duran when they play 10 nights at The Barrymore Theater in NYC starting November 2nd.
    I am going to only 2 shows- the 5th and the 8th.

    "Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand" :yahoo:
  2. I saw them 2 years ago in Everett. It was such a fun concert since I grew up on DD music. My husband enjoyed it too although he never like DD when they were popular in the 80s. Some guys (not girls) were rushing the stage it was pretty funny. John Taylor still looks the same kind of.
  3. Sounds of Thunder is my favorite song!!!, gosh I would go to their concert but im seeing The B-52's on the 31st,and Debbie Harry on Nov 8th!. Maybe I might go if I can drag any of my friends,or my dad!
  4. I am a duranie too. Last saw them in Portland more than 10 years ago. Wish they'd come to Hawaii!
  5. I love DD!! They were my first concert ever!!! I think I was in the 9th grade when I saw them since my friend's sister had to drive us! I saw them again when they released Astronaut and had great seats at Staples Ctr, and then we also saw them at a small club in San Diego which was cool - probably only about 400 people. Roger is my favorite!! (Not really sad that Andy left but at least I go to see him with the Astronaut tour.)

    Wish they were playing 10 nights in L.A. but they will be here soon enough!!!
  6. I'm a Duranie too! I had a poster of them in my bedroom during my teen years. :p I saw them here in SA about 5 years ago and at the Houston Rodeo (of all places) about 7 years ago. The New York series sounds awesome! Have fun!
  7. I'm going Nov. 2. My favorite show was last year at Cipriani Wall Street at an AMFAR benefit. There were about 40 tables of 10 people each, dinner, drinks and an auction with Sharon Stone as the auctioneer. The band played a full concert afterwards.
  8. Eeek, I *wish* I could go :sad: I love DD!!! They should come to Quebec city :sad:
  9. Do you know if this is with all the original members?
  10. Oh man I had a poster of them in my bedroom!!
  11. "And when she shines she really shows you all she can."

    I'm not going to the concert, but I do have Rio and Hungry Like the Wolf on my ipod.
  12. It is John Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor.
    Andy left the group (again) because they had recorded a whole album- it was supposed to sound like their first records- very Rock orientated (which in my eyes would have been wonderful!!) Then some of the band members decided to scrap the whole album and start working w/ Justin Timberlake the the producer Timbaland. Timbaland = No Guitars and Andy had some integrity and said, "see Ya"

    I just saw an article where Simon said he did not want to do White Rock and wanted to do Black Music. He sure is stupid if you ask me being that all of us 30 - 40 somethings grew up on their white rock and like it like that.

    Here are some pics of me w/ them. I was 16 when I first started meeting them so forgive my hair. LOL
    Elaine,JT,&Simon.jpg Elaine&JT.jpg Roger&Elaine.jpg elaine&DuranDuran.jpg
  13. Great pics!!! I only got to meet DD in person just a few years ago when they did a signing at Virgin records in LA for the Astronaut tour. You are so lucky!!!
  14. Me and Creighbaby are the only Duranies on the east coast going from tpf?
  15. I would love to see DD again! I was so in looove with Roger Taylor when I was in Grade 8, but I actually only saw them live on their Astronaut tour when I was 7 months preggo. It was so much fun :smile:

    I wonder if they're going to come back to Vancouver?