Durable/adorable bag for School

  1. Okie Ladies and Gent I think I really need help on this one and I hope I can get some suggestions. I am thinking/needing (yes needing) a bag to carry my wallet and keys and other stuff for school.

    I am a college student, like to dress in casual style (California style A&F, AE...etc) tho I just got a LV speedy and do see some girls carrying theirs at school, however that's not me. I don't really want to carry my loved speedy to school.

    1. I just think LV is bit showy for school tho if I got the Epi one I might consider ( everyone else think that???)

    2. I am an art student so I have all these extra bulky stuff I need to carry with me to art class so I am sure I will ruin my speedy pretty fast. ( I already got a scratch, 2 little water marks on my handles so far....so I can't really imagine hitting it around with all the other stuff I carry)
    SO I am thinking of getting a new bag for school.

    1. NO logos....at least not for school

    2.between $100-300

    3. No D&Bs. I do have a D$B checkbook wallet my mom got me when I first out of JR high and that thing was not durable, but I still keeping it since it was my frist check book wallet.

    4. I want a lighter color. Something fun for Spring and summer:biggrin:
    I like being casual and fun so I don't my bag to be too serious.

    5. Something BIG, I like big bags!
    Now,any suggestions anyone???? :shame:
  2. Just realize this thread is kinda redoned sorry ppls.
  3. Got inspired! Maybe I should just get those sport style bags.Thanks guys!:biggrin:
  4. ;) I love the colors and styles! More is always better than less!
  5. Here is a tote from Kate Spade. It's kind of funky. Either you like it or you hate it. It was originally $175 but it's on sale at bluefly.com for $69.99.
  6. Here is another option from Kate Spade.
  7. OMG! I really like the yellow and black! thanks
  8. I just thought of getting a Pink Coach but I went to the Coach store and they don't have the older style in Pink anymore....=[ Do anyone use Coach? Is it good?